Who the f*ck is Mr. Pinto?

Alive for 30 years (and counting), I was born and rised in Lisbon, Portugal, city to which I returned after living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for a while.

I'm a Brand Lover with an Art Direction background that believes we're in the business of building and nurture brands through experiences capable of bring people and brands together in a meaningful way.
Over the past 10 years I've been aiming for a world where people and advertising inhabit happily and with mutual benefits.

Good Karma is something I am often keen to pursue, embracing good causes together with Amnesty International, The Portuguese League Against AIDS, United Nations or WNF (WWF's Dutch Branch).

To wrap up, this is the part where I turn into a ego bastard and say that other than my day job I spend time on some personal projects that ended up hung on gallery walls in Grand Junction, Colorado (US), London (UK) and Brussels (BE)

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